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Kim was just full of ideas!!  Another great one she had (in addition to the gardens) was a "Bring Your Child to Work Day."  The kids LOVED it!  It definitely was a team effort to pull this event off and I'd like to thank all of those involved in the planning and those who worked the event.  It really was great!

The event involved (almost) every aspect of the embassy.  It showed the kids what is involved in running an embassy and why the US has missions around the world.  I will note the absence of one department - facilities!  That's right...shameful Christopher!!

Before the event started, the kids got finger printed.  I was really happy about this because I didn't have their prints! 

The kids were then given a security briefing by the Regional Security Officer about how to stay safe and how the embassy is protected.
Poor Siena had a rug burn on her chin!

The kids moved outside to learn about map reading and radio checks.  The kids (and adults) liked building roads and other items on the map using Play-doh!

The kids enjoying the Play-doh
And then the adults....not a kid in sight!
The highlight (at least for my kids) was wearing the body armor and getting to go into the armored vehicle!  Max said this was "very cool"!

The kids learned about the benefits of staying fit and how it is very important for their well being. Erin (who was my Crossfit instructor here for several months) gave those kids a workout!  (But, it didn't look as bad as my Crossfit sessions!)
Erin showing off her head stand moves!
Max doing squats...maybe it was a "young crossfit training"
Siena doing sit ups
The kids then had their medical check ups....but no worries -- there were no "pokes" (shots) given!
In the Consular section, the kids filled out passport applications and got new "passports." 
The kids also had a meeting with the Ambassasor -- sorry no photos since no cameras allowed!

And finally, the kids got to attend a real press conference where they could ask the Public Affairs Officer and the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) their questions.

Great event and again, thanks to all of those involved in making the day a one the kids will remember!


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