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In celebration of Earth Day, my friend, Kim, came up with the idea to have an Embassy Community Garden for American and local staff families.  It was a brilliant idea!   You may have noticed that Max received a wheelbarrow and gardening tools for Christmas since he spends a lot of time helping our compound gardener, Mr. Souleyman.  

Well, it all worked out and the garden came into being on April 22 (Earth Day).  The Ambassador helped cut the ribbon along with the kids. 

But, before we got to that point, there was a ton of work of work to do.  And, there would have been so much more, if Chris' staff didn't do the actual construction of the gardens.  Although the gardens may look like burial plots (sorry!), it was fantastic that we didn't have to do that portion of the work.  I

The Saturday before the ceremony, all the families who wanted gardens came out to prepare the spots and fill the gardens with the dirt in preparation for the opening.  It was fun, but a lot of work!!

On Earth Day, there was a celebration and ribbon cutting.  The kids did a presentation about Earth Day and did a wonderful job.  Then, they all helped Ambassador Benjaminson cut the ribbon. Afterwards we stayed and did some "ceremonial planting".  I honestly had no clue what the kids planted where!  But, they enjoyed themselves and I guess that's all that mattered.
It was so worth all the effort, and the kids just love being in the garden watching things grow.  Well, they also love playing in the big dirt piles and playing with their friends!   Now, it's just a matter of maintaining this garden!!


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